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Inspection, Expediting and NDT

3rd Party Inspection and Expediting

Third party inspection is the quality check for pre-identified quality specifications over the course of the production cycle. ABI is specialised in worldwide inspection to check on your equipment production. We take charge of delivering equipment such as: pressure vessels/boilers, valves, structures, pipelines, jackets, Xmas tree, manifolds and all subsea equipment for refinery, platform, FPSO, petrochemistry, chemistry, nuclear, pharmaceutical, agribusiness.

We have teams of expeditors who ensure that our services delivered to the client are at their highest level of efficiency and quality.

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)

At ABI we offer a large variety of techniques in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). As NDT does not alter in any way, shape, or form the structure under inspection, it is an effective way to save on time and costs. This can be applied to product evaluations, asset management, fault identification and repairs. ABI uses all types of NDT techniques, notably high-tech ones, in order to minimise the level of risk to the assets in question as well as helping to maintain and increase productivity and cost efficiency.

Rope Access Inspection & NDT

Rope-access can be employed anywhere that requires inspections to be carried out at height, onshore and offshore. This type of inspection allows us to perform inspections without the need to erect scaffolding.

Types of Inspections

Pipe / Fittings

Boilers and Pressure Vessels


Rotating Equipment

Structural / Static Mechanical

Offshore Equipment

E & I


Subsea Equipment


Inspection Placeholder

Network of Inspections

NDT Equipment


PMI Machine along with accessories

PMI Machine and accessories

Silver wing MFL Scanner along with accessories

PHASED ARRAY / TOFD Ultrasonic testing equipment along with accessories

EDDY CURRENT/IRIS/TUBE MFL Along with accessories

Boroscope Inspection Equipment

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