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Saipem - Erha Deepwater Development

Development of drilling wells from a new drilling centre, installation of associated subsea facilities, and modifications to the existing floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit. The FPSO consists of two trains of three-stage oil separation. Processed crude is stored in the hull and regularly offloaded to tankers via offloading lines and a catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoy. Associated gas is compressed and dehydrated to provide fuel gas, with the remainder reinjected back into the producing reservoir. Water injection facilities inject treated seawater into the reservoir for pressure maintenance to enhance oil production. Seawater treatment includes filtration and deaeration.

Total E&P Myanmar – Yadana Subsidence

The offshore production complex consists of two remote wellhead platforms, one bridge-linked wellhead platform, a production platform, a living quarters platform, and a medium compression platform. Produced gas is exported through two pipelines. The first, 409-kilometre-long (254 mi) pipeline runs 346 kilometres (215 mi) underwater from Yadana to Daminseik at the coast. From there, a 63-kilometre (39 mi) onshore section runs to the Thai border at Pilok. The onshore section crosses a region inhabited by the Karen, a minority ethnic group hostile to the government.[4] Construction of the pipeline was completed in 1998 and it cost US$1.2 billion.[5]

Total E&P Myanmar - Badamyar Gas

The Badamyar gas project involves the development of the Badamyar gas field offshore facilities> which include Living quatres production modules and subsea pipelines, off the shore of Myanmar. The Badamyar project involves the installation of a new wellhead platform connected to the Yadana production facilities, and the drilling of 4 horizontal wells to develop the Badamyar gas field as a satellite of Yadana. The project also includes a new compression platform. Launched in mid-2014, the project was completed with no Lost Time Injury occurrences during the 5 million man-hours worked.

ENI - Jangkrik

Installation of a new barge floating production unit (FPU) with a treatment capacity of 450mmscf/d of gas and condensates. Construction of the FPU was completed in March 2017. The FPU is tied back to the East Kalimantan pipeline, which further conveys the produced gas to PT Badak’s Bontang LNG plant where the gas will be liquefied, and the condensates will be conveyed to Senipah Terminal. The Jangkrik FPU is expected to become a hub for the development of nearby gas discovery Merakes, which is slated to begin production within the next two years. The project is $1.1bn engineerings, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract for the FPU. The topsides were fabricated at Saipem’s Karimun Island Yard and the hull was fabricated at HHI’s Ulsan yard in South Korea.

Total Angola - Kaombo Norte & Sul

The Kaombo project is located in Block 32, of Angola ultra-deep Offshore Field spread across six fields connected via 300 kilometres of subsea pipelines to two Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels: Kaombo Norte and Kaombo Sul. This massive, complex project has some unique characteristics: First, the water depths involved, which reach up to 1,950 meters. The extreme temperature and pressure conditions at such depths require the use of technology that is both reliable and cost-effective. Given these unprecedented depths, the Kaombo project is perfectly aligned with TotalEnergies' strategy of rising to the challenge of ultra-deep offshore.

Inpex - Ichthys FPSO

The unique 4,200 tonnes modules with 31 metre-tall turret structure, which travelled from Singapore, was inserted into the hull of the FPSO, constructed at DSME yard in Okpo, South Korea. Three components make up the overall FPSO turret: the lower turret, the manifold and the gantry frame. The turret will measure 85 metres in height and weigh 8,700 tonnes, making it one of the largest in the world. The onshore scope of work for Ichthys LNG included the construction of two LNG processing trains, product storage tanks, a product loading jetty, a module offloading facility, a combined cycle power plant, utilities, permanent building facilities and an accommodation village.

ENI Merakes

This project covers five deepwater wells, and their 50-kilometre tie back to the existing Jangkrik Floating Production Unit in Indonesia. The project scope includes engineering, procurement, installation and pre-commissioning of subsea equipment such as subsea trees, a manifold, large-bore deepwater high-pressure flexible lines, umbilicals and distribution hardware, flexible risers, flowlines and jumpers. The Project is a deep-water gas field development at offshore Kutei Basin, with approximately 1,500 meters water depth. The field is connected to the Jangkrik Floating Production Unit (FPU), operated by Eni, at a distance of 45 km from Merakes field. The gas produced from Merakes is exported through subsea pipelines to the Jangkrik FPU.

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A Brief History of ABI

Founded by oil & gas engineers and specialised in Human Capital with more than 25 Years in operation, with over 200+ Projects. headquartered in Singapore.

Areas of Expertise

Project Management Services

Project Management
Project Control & Supervision Project Cost Control & Estimation
Project Planning & Scheduling
Contract & Subcontracts
Document Control
Sourcing & Procurement
Logistic Support
Offshore Marine Operations


Project HSE Manual
HSE Implementation
Risk Management
HSE Supervision & Advisory Environment
HSE Audit
Coordinating Team Effort between Project team/ops.

Project Construction / Supervision

Material Control
Project Supervision
Fabrication Control
Dimensional Control
Process Piping / PVV
Welding Control
Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) HVAC
Pre Commissioning / Commissioning Offshore Installation / Hook-Up Subsea Pipeline

Engineering & Technical Services

Engineering Support & Consulting
Detail Engineering Services
Review of IFC/AFC Drawings
Compliance with: Codes of Conduct,Regulations, Standards, Specifications and Procedures
Technical Query & Clarifications

QA/QC Commissioning

Construction / Welding Procedure /Welder’s Qualification
Inspection & Quality Control
NDT Coordination
Corrosion Control
Coating & Painting Inspection

Supplier Business Ethics

Auditing and Compliance of suppliers/vendorsAnti-Child Labour Enforcement
Corrupt Practices Investigation

Load Testing

Cranes up to 1,500 Ton using Waterbags & Load Cells, Test Barge
Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat Davits using Waterbags & Load Cells
Life Boat / Life Raft / Rescue Boat using Waterbag Pillows
Accommodation / Gangway Ladder using Counter Weights
Pad Eyes / Bollards using Hydraulic Test Kit and/or Cylinders
Spreader Beam using suitable test facility

Supply & Rental of Certified Equipment

Individual Waterbags – Ranges from 2 Ton to 50 Ton
Load Cells / Load Shackle – Ranges from 5 Ton to 1,500 Ton
Lifting Wires, Grommet Slings, Cable Laid Slings, Webbing Belts, Chain Blocks, Lever Blocks and Other Lifting Gears/Accessories

Rigging Works

ISO Certified with ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), OHSAS 18001:2007 (Safety), ISO 14001:2004 (Environment)
BizSafe Star
Team of certified Riggers  


• Wire Rope & Lifting Gears Inspector
• Lifting Supervisors, Rigger & Signaller by ASMI,
• Magnetic Particle Inspection,
• Eddy Current Inspection, etc.

Spooling Machines

Our range of Hydraulic and Electrical Spoolers, with up to 20 Ton back tension, will meet all spooling requirements

Testing Facility

Our testing facility is capable of load test for all ranges to carry out testing for Shackles, Wire Ropes, Chain/ Lever Blocks, Webbing Belts, Winches, Spreader Bars etc.

Third Party / MOM Certification

We provide Third Party / MOM certifications for Lifting Gears, Lifting Appliances and Lifting Machineries.

Human Capital Management Suite

ABI's Human Capital Management Suite is a comprehensive suite of services that are taken care of without the usual hassle. Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.



Work Permit Approval


Work/Health Insurance

Code of Conduct / Compliance

Performance Analysis

Local Administrative Support

HSE / Required Trainings


Payroll and Taxes

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